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Take the time, drop a dime.  You’ll talk to someone well experienced with Sound and Loops, ME!

One might be surprised at how many times the problem with a system is not a highly technical fault. Too often simple faults are at the root of the malfunction. Is the system energized? Is the microphone on or other control settings askew? 


Free troubleshooting over the phone includes ascertaining whether you really need a service call. Because if you don’t need a visit to cure your problem, you keep your money and we keep you as a customer who can call on us for service and free advice along with easy and direct access.       Rob Clarke  (602)999-2539






We service what we sell and will repair any brand or style Sound or Public Address systems and equipment. This includes home or business intercoms and of course induction loops.


Tech-Unique provides equipment from long time and well established manufacturers of professional and industrial sound products. Like Shure, Atlas, Lowell, Peavey, Allen Heath, Bo Edin, Williams, and many others.




“First, Do No Harm”

How would you like to open the back of your newly installed sound system above only to find pandemonium? It becomes difficult to imagine that the remainder of the system is designed and installed professionally. More distressing, the Warranty on workmanship is 90 days.


To the left is a professionally designed cabinet layout featuring dressed and harnessed wiring. With low voltage audio cable mounted on the right side of the cabinet and higher AC voltage distribution on the left side, electrical interference difficulties are minimized (especially when induction loop drivers are installed). If a component does fail it can be removed and replaced in a matter of minutes. Updates and upgrades are safe to perform and speedy.


Industrial grade components are design for full power, full time service for 20 years or more. Fine equipment and systems can easily be degraded by poor designs and practices.


Depending on the specific component, industrial grade items are normally warranted for a period of 2 to 5 years. Tech-Unique follows the manufacturers stated warrant period for Workmanship & Labor to Repair.


When Industrial Grade systems are properly employed, the logic of extended warranties vanish.



Years of troubleshooting experiences have great influences on our sound & loop system designs throughout. Sound cabinets arrive on site fully operational and programmed further with the aid of Real Time Analysis, customizing sound operations to our client’s environment. 


 It’s only Professional to “First, Do No Harm”.



Los Campadas Resort.

Green Valley,  Arizona.




3 ballrooms with single selector control to combine rooms in any combination for Sound and Loops.