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inc since 1988

Dignified Listening for the Hearing Impaired


Direct to Telecoil



Music & Speech

 Reach out to an untapped client source by providing the only system that

transmit directly to the wearers' hearing aid.


INDUCTION LOOPS provide accurate crystal clear, interference free communications and music.


INDUCTION LOOPS do not suffer interference from light or line of site issues as with infrared systems nor from spurious signals that effect FM systems.


INDUCTION LOOPS retransmit signals from any sound system or analog source.


INDUCTION LOOPS fully satisfy your legal obligations to the hearing impaired as set forth in the Americans with Disability Act of 1990.


No undignified or unsanitary body packs, headsets or ear pieces to pass around. All modern digital hearing aids have “Telecoil” receivers built in. 


Using a Telecoil is inconspicuous. Hearing aid users merely switch their units to  “T” coil to receive personalized in-the-ear sound. There is no need to call attention to a disability, translating into much greater acceptance by those with disabilities.