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Green Valley Recreation Center has 10  Induction Loop systems.   West Center theater, East Center auditorium, Desert Hills auditorium, Canoa Hills auditoriums (2 rooms), Las Campanas ballrooms) (3 rooms), Santa Rita Springs auditorium and the Fiesta room. 


Costs can vary depending on the room size and configuration.  The loop has been very beneficial to our hearing-impaired members for lectures, concerts, meetings, etc.   


We host a loop workshop at our centers twice a year that are open to the public, and I am looking into adding more in the future.  This has been a great advantage to our members and our community.


Please beware that there are companies and individuals out there that claim to have the knowledge to install a loop and most likely will charge less but you get what you pay for.  There is more involved in the installation of a loop than just running wire and installing the equipment. 

There are standards that need to be met in order to provide proper sound coverage and maximum benefit to the individuals that use it.  I, personally, spent one and a half years researching the advantages and disadvantages of the Induction Loop before I recommended GVR purchase them.


All of our induction loops have been installed by Tech-Unique.   


 Shelly Freeman

 Green Valley Recreation Centers

   Sound & Lighting Technician II


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