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Music & Speech

Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago

Bruton Parish, Richman, VA.

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Fidelity and Intelligibility


Medium and large Churches are notorious for un-intelligibility. Fundamentally these are large rooms often with high ceilings, hard floors and walls and sound systems that are primarily design to capture client resources. Add to that music directors who mistakenly insist on keeping rooms very live to achieve (in there minds) a quality experience for the worshiper. In such venues the music may be magnificent but patrons have difficulties understanding the spoken word.


This occurs because the interrupting echo returns are to close in volume (and time) to the original sound. The brain has to go back to decipher words as new words arrive. As a result the brain is kept very busy working to understand speech, missing some points and leaving the individual exhausted while not necessarily conscious of it. Not the experience intended.


Echo is even worse for the hearing aid wearer. The nature of the hearing aid includes adjusting sound volumes to proper levels. This will unfortunately include the further volume matching of the Echoes to the original word spoken.


The plain and simple answer for the hearing aid wearer is the Induction Loop (bad room or good). The less simple answers for the average hearing persons are proper engineering techniques and practices to achieve fidelity in music and intelligibility in speech.



CROP Walk 2011

Rev. Michelle Moe, Pastor

2530 S. Alma School Road

Mesa, Arizona 85210



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 Nobody  Misses Out

Rev. Harrell D Davis
12225 N 103 Ave
Sun City, Az 85351

Worship Service: 9:00 am
In the Sanctuary

Fellowship/Coffee: 10:00 am
In Swain Hall

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8050 E  Mountain View Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85258