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Large scale venues such as Heathrow and Gatwick airports, the London Underground, stadiums and museums require state of the art loop engineering expertise. Big or small loops, without proper preliminary and final magnetic field testing, claiming an induction loop meets IEC standards is impossible. The client who demands proof or certification protects themselves and also causes only talented installers to be interested.

If an organization feels a P.A. system is required for non impaired people then a listening system is also needed to reach (and protect) the hearing impaired and to fully satisfy the ADA legal requirements. Obviously reaching out to this large untapped and isolated clientele of hearing impaired is good business and highly appreciated.

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Ingrid K. McBride


Director of Audiology


The ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic’s Mission is to provide excellence in training to students in audiology and speech language pathology, to provide state-of–the-art services to individuals of all ages within the community, and to engage in cutting edge research with faculty in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science

CBAIP logo is an outline of a hand divided into the four corner represented by the colors white, black, yellow, and red. A silouette of the San Fransico Peak are in the center of the palm and feathers are hanging from the base of the peaks. Native symbol decoration umbella the hand along with the words: Capacity Building for American Indians Project.Text Box: Ed Robson BranchText Box: Ed Robson  Sun Lakes
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The mission of the Maricopa County Library District is to provide access to reading, exploring and discovering for all so they can be lifelong learners. 

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