Arizona Requires Dispensers


Inform Consumers About Telecoils

The Arizona State Legislature passed Senate Bill 1348 in 2007, requiring state-licensed audiologists and hearing aid dispensers to educate their consumers about telecoil technology.


SB 1348  ensures that hearing aid consumers will be informed about the benefits of audio switch technology when they purchase any hearing aid device.

Audio switch technology, often referred to as "telecoil" or t-coil, has been available for hearing aids and cochlear implant processors for a number of years, however, many consumers are unaware of the potential benefit of this technology.

The technology enables users easy access to sounds from telephone equipment, as well as other electronic audio from any private or public address or music system. Examples would include homes, stores, airports, buses or trolleys, houses of worship, and any other public point of contact or area covered by a sound system for normal hearing people. The sound system for the hearing impaired is the Induction Loop Listening system.


An inductive loop listening system fully satisfies ADA requirements for serving the hearing impaired.