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      BS 7594 code of practice for audio frequency INDUCTION LOOP systems (AFILS)


Provides recommended design and measurement methods for use by local authorities and administrators of public buildings and sports stadia, purchasers, designers, manufacturers and installers, for the correct installation of AFILS with an acceptable performance level and good reliability for use by persons who are hard of hearing.


Our ALS INDUCTION LOOPS systems are Certified to IEC 60118-4 governing the field strength and coverage of the magnetic field, the frequency response and for the level of noise in the environment. A properly operational loop is a perfect match to the IEC requirements and standards for the producers and manufactures of Telecoil receiver systems in hearing aids. Ampetronic drivers are UL and CE listed.

Computer Modeling   Cancelation Loops  Top View Magnetic Field coverage: Two adjacent rooms with simultaneous but separate programming.